8wk Road Cycling Program

8 week Road Cycling Program
This is a program built for the time busy cyclist.

If the 16wk Road Cycling Program is to long for you, maybe our 8wk program will fit in your schedule.
Two program options:
Beginning of the Winter session OR end of the Winter/Spring session.
Limited amount of spots are available in each session.

Build up your endurance to 2hrs and cycling skills to another level.

One sessions
8wk WINTER Program

Monday   – Starts 7:15pm
Nov 25 – 1:15hr
Dec 2 – 1:15hr
Dec 9 – 1:30hr
Dec 16 – 1:45hr
Jan 6 – 2:00hr
Jan 13 – 1:15hr
Jan 20 – 1:30hr
Jan 27 – 1:45hr

8wk SPRING Program

Monday   – Starts 7:15pm
Feb 3 – 2:00hr
Feb 10 – 1:15hr
Feb 17 – 1:30hr
Feb 24 – 1:45hr
Mar 3 – 2:00hr
Mar 10 – 1:15hr
Mar 17 – 1:30hr
Mar 24 – 1:30hr
Mar 31 – 2:00hr

HOLIDAYS: Christmas: Dec 23 – Jan 3

D’Aoust Training Systems (aka CycleFitCHICKS) has developed a comprehensive 8wk cycling program that will get you ready for the Winter cycling tour or for Spring riding.
The participants will join in an already on-going cycling program.

The program will continue to be offered at the St. Laurent Complex is a City of Ottawa fitness facility, which is an awesome facility. The bikes we will be training on are Keiser indoor trainers, equip with watts, speed and distance.

Why is that so awesome…..well unlike your regular spin bikes, these bikes are completely set up with a simple interface that shows displays your cadence, watts, speed, distance, and they are totally compatible with your Polar HRT monitor.

The 8wk program is structured to cover cycling techniques, building endurance, strength and speed, perfecting your cadence, hill climbing and more. Program classes very in length, from 1:15hr to 2:00hr.
The short program DOES NOT include the MAP tests

Location: St. Laurent Complex 525 Cote St, Ottawa Full facilities on site (showers)

Rates included: **All registered participants to the 8wk program, are eligible to join the St. Laurent complex fitness facility at the Corporate rates.

1 session per week
$200 per person
HOW TO REGISTER: On line registration only.
Winter Session: Register HERE
Spring Session: Register HERE

REFUND policy: There is NO refund once the registration is processed. We will allow transferring the registration to another person. All fitness levels welcome and encouraged to register, BUT be ready to work HARD, to achieve your cycling goals.

Meet your Qualified Instructors: Michelle Gauthier and Jen Ethier

8wk Profile: Focus on base building and technique: strength, power and speed, pedal stroke technique, endurance base-building, specific hills, speed & endurance drills.

TESTIMONIAL – Paul Turner HI Sylvie, we finished our 16 weeks on Sat and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the program. When I signed up I did so with the thought of trying CycleFit since you are in my neighborhood and b/c the program sounded like it would be a good training experience over the winter. The program was an excellent challenge and helped get me through the winter-the gang was always upbeat. Having been introduced to CycleFit I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for another program.

CycleFit is dedicated to the success of our clients, but only the dedicated clients succeed! Join us this Winter and take your cycling skills to the next level. Designed for all cycling levels. Work on perfecting your form and fitness on the Cyclops indoor cycling bikes this Winter.



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