Winter Training Program

Have you heard of Zwift? Well, if not, you soon will. We don’t let a little thing like the Canadian winter put our love of cycling on ice! Using “smart trainers” and the Zwift app, we go on rides all around the world and even in “Watopia” to maintain our cycling fitness. We do “banded” rides so our group will stay together in the game, and we open a Facebook room to chat and catch up while we ride. Over the course of the season, we like to throw in some exciting challenges to heat things up.


Our Winter Indoor Cycling program is open to non-members – this is an excellent opportunity for us to introduce new riders to the club so make sure you tell your friends to join us. Sorry fellas, you’re still not included in the fun.


Nous nous préparons pour une saison 2024 passionnante ! Restez à l’écoute pour quelques changements majeurs et informations d’inscription. Veuillez nous suivre sur Facebook pour plus de détails. Rejoignez-nous pour notre soirée d'information du printemps le 9 avril.


We are getting ready for an exciting 2024 season! Stay tuned for some big changes and registration information. Please follow us on Facebook for details. Join us for our Spring Info Night on April 9th.