Group Ride Program

Group Ride Program (May – September)

Group rides are scheduled every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from May until the end of September. On Friday and Sunday, the group rides are “Open” rides – all levels welcome – so speed and distance will vary depending on the riders who join in. On Saturdays, there is a group ride at each of our 5 levels.

Which Group Should I Ride With?

Finding the group best suited to your skills, fitness level, and cycling goals is the key to having a rewarding and enjoyable group ride experience. Here are some tips on how to decide which level to cycle with.

Please note that it is extremely challenging for us to accommodate riders who are unable to maintain a minimum speed of at least 16-18 km/hr over a distance of 25-30 km. This is the speed and distance for a typical “Beginner” level ride.

Learn to Group Ride Clinics

All new CFC members Must attend one of our “Learn to Group Ride” (LTGR) clinics before joining a group ride.  Returning members are also encouraged to participate to review and refresh their skills. The clinics are also a great opportunity for club members to meet each other at the start of the season.

How Do I Join In?

Details for all group rides –  start time and locations,  planned route, distance – will be confirmed by Group Ride Leaders via the CFC “Members Only” Facebook page approximately 2 days before the scheduled ride. Each ride is posted as an “Event”.  Select “Going” and comment “I’m in!” to join in. The Group Ride Leader will confirm all participants by the evening prior to the ride.

Considering Becoming a Group Ride Leader?

As the club grows, so does the demand for Group Ride Leaders (GRLs).

What are the responsibilities of a GRL?

Members who want to become GRLs will receive an orientation session and be mentored by an experienced leader. We will work with new GRLs until they feel both comfortable and confident in the role. If you are interested in becoming a GRL, please indicate this on your registration form, or speak to one of our current Group Ride Leaders or Board members.  Your name will be passed on to our Group Ride Program Coordinator who will then follow up with you.

Please note that our Group Ride Leaders typically have a minimum of one year’s experience of riding with the club.


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