OPEN Time Trial RACE Series

CFC  OPEN Time Trial RACE Series
These Time Trials are open to anyone ages 13+, men and women.

Time Trial Calendar

May 11 – 10km course
May 25 – 10km course
June 8 – 15km course
June 22 – 15km course
July 6 – 15km course
July 20 – 15km course
August 3 – 15km course
August 17 – 15km course
August 31 – 15km course

Purchase Open Time Trial Membership: $29

For all girls & boys:  Minime, Cadet & JR Categories: Register HERE
For all Women & Men: U23 Espoir & Senior Categories: Register 
For all Women & Men: Masters Categories: Register 

No experience needed
No race licence needed
Do not have to be a CycleFitCHICKS club member

Race Schedule: 
Subject to change based on registration.

5:30-6:10 pm: SIGN in, pick up bib number
6:00pm: TT race debrief for NEW racers.
6:30 pm: Group 1: Race start
6:45 pm: Group 2: Race Start
8:00 pm: Race finish
8:15 pm: Podium

Location: Aviation Museum
Aviation Parkway and Rockcliffe parkway

ALL individuals MUST PREREGISTER for the Time Trial races: Deadline is Tuesday night 11pm
Start times for Wednesday TT, will be posted by Wednesday 1pm

Register for your Time Trial Here

May 11 – 10km course: REGISTER HERE

May 25 – 10km course: REGISTER HERE
June 8 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
June 22 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
July 6 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
July 20 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
August 3 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
August 17 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE
August 31 – 15km course: REGISTER HERE

Departure will be every 30 seconds.

Group 1:
6:30pm:  Minime W-M, Cadets W-M, Junior W-M

Group 2:
6:45pm: Senior W-M 3-2-1,  Masters W-M 4-3-2-1

Rules & Requirements:
Bicycle in good working order
At these events, we will NOT be inspecting TT bikes based on UCI rules, unless otherwise indicted
At these events, we will NOT be conducting a bike roll out for the Peewee, Minime, Cadet and JR categories, unless otherwise indicted
Road will not be closed
Drafting not allowed

Age Categories:

We are using the standard CCA (Canadian Cycling Association) competition categories, age as of Dec 31 the current year.
Understanding where you should be in the categories:

Minime = U15 Girl & Boys ( 13-14yrs : 2001-2002 )
Cadet = U17 Girl & Boys (15-16yrs : 1999-2000 )
Junior = Girls & Boys Under 19
Espoir U23 = (19-22yrs)

Senior  – MW= (23-29yrs)
Masters A – WM = 30-39yrs
Masters B – WM = 40-49yrs
Masters C – WM = 50-59yrs
Masters D – WM = 60+


1st place: 25 pts
2nd place: 20 pts
3rd place: 15 pts
4th place: 10 pts
5th place: 5 pts



June 3
Group 1: Peewee, Minime & Cadet: Results:
Group 2: Senior & Masters Results:

July 8
Senior & Master Results:

Race points

Email if you have any questions

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