Learnability in UI design: making things easy

Learnability in UI design: making things easy

Improving the learnability of the product isn’t about cutting corners, it’s about getting users to the finish line with their excitement intact. This particular heuristic is all about how much time and effort users have to dedicate to learning their way around the product. Upon first encounter, we all have to get past a certain learning curve in order to truly understand and be able to use ui design course anything. See if you can take on a project doing UX research for an app or website, Nannearl says. You typically need a portfolio when you’re applying for jobs, so it helps to start a collection from your side hustles. “After you do get stuff in your portfolio, knowing how to communicate about it and actually tell the story is something that people are going to be looking for,” she says.

However, unlike UX which is broad and all-encompassing, UI concentrates on the design and layout of digital screens, as well as the individual elements they contain. This includes things like buttons, swipe and scroll motions, menus, typography, imagery, colours, animations and the transition from one screen to the next. Think about the functionality of a digital product, its purpose, and its interaction for the user. UX designer identifies a problem, creates an idea of what products suits the problem, and builds it. And your portfolio—a very visual medium—will not benefit from that approach. When you’re making a career switch to UX design your goal is to become a generalist, at least at first, so you want recruiters to see you’re at least proficient at UI design.

UI Design — How Things Look

Other products are simpler in nature, and offer a more straightforward feature that can be learned easily and quickly, like Whatsapp. Wireframes help designers visualize the final product and make changes before moving to the prototyping stage. In today’s digital age, UI UX design plays an important role in creating successful products.

  • Not purely concerned with aesthetics, they focus on the function of the product and how consumers interact with it.
  • These pieces of data are a way for you to understand how people are reacting to the product design, as well as what areas of the product can be improved.
  • You see that iteration of the product, as connected to analysis or testing, is indeed mentioned twice, but in reality, you would put it in between every other item on the list.
  • UX designers are an intermediary between the business and the customer, making sure the product meets customer needs as well as business goals.

If you’re starting from scratch, we highly recommend downloading some free UI kits (or user interface kit) to help get your designs started. A UI kit is a set of pre-made design components containing essential visual elements for a specific UI design (think buttons, icons, fonts, menus, etc.). The UI design process is also highly user-focused and the goal is always to create interfaces that are easy to use and allow the user to move seamlessly from point A to B.

UI and UX Design Process

The course begins with an introduction to UI UX and its importance in creating successful digital products. It will explain what UI UX is, why it is important, and how it applies to digital products. It will also explain the different types of UI UX and how they are used.

Is UI UX design easy to learn


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