15th Annual Celebration

15th Anniversary July Challenge

Each summer, we dream up a July Challenge. We use STRAVA to track the data so make sure you get an account and track your rides. This year is special – our 15th Anniversary – and we are busy thinking of a fabulous challenge to celebrate. You can rest assured that it will somehow involve cake!


Stay tuned to the CFC “Members Only” Facebook page for details.


The highlight of the summer riding season is our Summer Picnic & Ride. This event sees separate leveled rides merge together to make their way to Britannia Park for a picnic. There is nothing like the sight of 100 CFC riders coming down the Ottawa River Parkway in a double echelon!


Details will be posted on the CFC “Members Only” Facebook page


Nous nous préparons pour une saison 2024 passionnante ! Restez à l’écoute pour quelques changements majeurs et informations d’inscription. Rejoignez-nous pour notre soirée d'information du printemps le 9 avril.


We are getting ready for an exciting 2024 season! Stay tuned for some big changes and registration information. Join us for our Spring Info Night on April 9th.