Events & Challenges

CFC organizes several social events and challenges each year. Many club members also participate in some of the special cycling tours and charity rides that take place each season.


Participating in these activities will help you enhance your cycling knowledge, provide you with a wider range of cycling experiences, build a network of cycling friends, and have fun.


We are always open to adding social events and offering new learning opportunities for our members. If you would like to organize a social event or a special workshop, please let us know.


The CFC “Members Only” Facebook page is always the best source of information about these activities.


*Please note that unless otherwise indicated, events, and challenges are “Members Only”.


Spring Social (April 14)
-July Group Ride and Picnic – Britannia Beach, TBA
– Season Wrap Up/AGM (October )
Club members also frequently meet up after the Monday Skills & Group Rides at a pub for a post-ride social.



– STRAVA Challenge (May 1 – September 30)
– CFC 14th Anniversary Challenge (June 27 – July 25)


Other Events

– CLM – Chelsea/Wakefield
( July 12, CFC organized and hosted FQSC-sanctioned time trial racing event)
– Special Tours & Charity Rides


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We are getting ready for an exciting 2024 season! Stay tuned for some big changes and registration information. Please follow us on Facebook for details. Join us for our Spring Info Night on April 9th.