Mom & Daughter Program

This program for moms and daughters (aged 12-16) is a great way to enjoy a fitness activity together. Sharing the cycling experience can help to foster a strong bond in a fun and non-competitive environment while developing the foundation for healthy lifestyle habits.

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Monday Nights

  • Moms: Will participate in the the regular “Monday Night Skills & Group Ride” sessions
  • Daughters: A certified coach will take the girls in a separate group to teach them the same cycling skills as the adults are learning.
    Note: this will happen if there are enough girls to make a group. Otherwise they will ride with the adults.

Group Ride Program (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday)

  • Moms and daughters can choose to participate in any of the CFC “members only” group rides that are scheduled from Friday to Sunday each week.
  • Note that daughters must be able to ride at the posted speed for the group ride level to participate and we recommend that they use a proper road bike.
  • There are no separate “Daughters Only” group rides offered at this time.

Membership Benefits

  • A “Mom & Daughter” membership entitles you to all the same benefits as an individual membership including social events unless they take place in a venue where there are restrictions due to the serving of alcohol.

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