Bike Maintenance Clinics

Our bike maintenance clinics are geared to all cyclists (new and seasoned). You will learn everything you need to know about the main points of general bike maintenance, practice the skills needed to fix a flat, and gain the confidence needed to keep you riding safely all season long. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO:

  • take your back wheel off
  • change a flat
  • patch a tire
  • pump a tire
  • fix a broken chain
  • adjust your brakes 

Pave your way to becoming more confident and technically savvy on your bike! *Due to COVID-19: each clinic will be restricted to a limited number of participants, and participants are asked to wear a mask.* Don’t miss out REGISTER now. Clinics will be held outside. Sylvie will demonstrate each of the above aspects followed by participants practicing on their own bikes.

2021 Bike Maintenance Clinics

Spring clinics are now posted below.

Sylvie D’Aoust, founder of CycleFitCHICKS, lead coach and Bike Maintenance tech, will facilitate each clinic as follows:
– Review each of the tools required below
– Tips and tricks to use the tools
– Full demonstration on how to:
Remove the back wheel, change a flat, patch a tube, adjust brakes, and fix a broken chain.

This is a HANDS-ON clinic, where YOU will learn and practice all the skills demonstrated.

We presently have 7 Bike Maintenace Clinics on the schedule for May and June. Due to the ever-changing COVID restrictions
please follow the registration link to the most current dates available.
Date changes will be made directly on the registration page.
If you already registered for a clinic, and restrictions change, we will recreate dates later in the summer and move participants.


ONLY $35+tx
10 spots available: COVID compliant: small group and spaced

LOCATION: Tunneys Pasture Govt Complex
Scott Rd and Frederick Banting Blvd


* Items need to be purchased in advance from your local bike shop before the clinic. I will be teaching you how to use each item.

  • a bike ( your personal bike or a borrowed bike)
  • a spare tube
  • patch kit
  • chain break tool
  • Allen keys/multi tool
  • pump (that will attach to your bike)
  • tire levers (2)
  • valve adapter
  • chain links
  • an old t-shirt (the rag)

*Note that these are the items that you should carry with you at all times when cycling.

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