Many hands make light work! CFC members are strongly encouraged to volunteer to help organize and run the club’s programs, events, and activities. Volunteer opportunities cover a range of both required time and effort.

As an incentive to encourage volunteerism, the club’s membership fee structure offers a $50 cash-back at the end of the season to those members who complete a minimum volunteer commitment of 10 hours during the cycling season (May 1st – September 30th).


You will see the question, “Will you be a volunteer?”, on the registration form. If you answer YES, your name will be given to our Volunteer Coordinator, and she will contact you directly.
If you answer NO, you will never be asked during the season to volunteer.

Tracking of Volunteer Hours

Clinic Instructors, the Group Ride Coordinator and Activity/Event Leads will provide the names of volunteers and hours completed to the Volunteer Coordinator.

The Volunteer Coordinator will keep track of members’ volunteer hours accumulated over the cycling season; however, it is a good idea for each member to also keep track of their completed volunteer commitments (event, date, and hours completed).

Volunteer Positions Available

The following volunteer opportunities are available with CFC:

Additional volunteer opportunities will be posted throughout the year to support various community initiatives.

Need More Information About Volunteering?

The Volunteer Coordinator can provide you with more details on volunteer opportunities such as the responsibilities and requirements for each activity. Please send inquiries by e-mail to cyclefitchicks@gmail.com


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