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Sponsoring CycleFitCHICKS is a great way to advertise your business and provide support for an incredible group of women.

IF you or your company is interested in supporting the growth of Women in the sport of Cycling, please reach out via email to
Sylvie D’Aoust at club@cyclefitchicks.ca

Who Are Our Members?
They are women from all over the National Capital Region
– Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans and surrounding areas on the Ontario side
– Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer and Chelsea on the Quebec side

They are women of all ages and all stages of life including: Average age is 48yrs old.
– older teenagers
– moms with young children
– professionals
– women who have retired 

In addition, the club’s network extends to other cyclists, recreational athletes and triathletes who participate in the programs that are open to non-members.

Our sponsors are recognized on our website, club jersey, and on all our printed materials. Additional promotional opportunities for club sponsors are available at our events and other activities. Club members, their friends, family and the cycling community are made aware of our sponsors and their products and/or services throughout the cycling season.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the growth of CycleFit CHICKS and helping us to provide great cycling programs and opportunities for women, please contact club@cyclefitchicks.ca for a sponsorship package.


Note that you will need to present your CFC membership card to receive the member’s discounts listed below

Sponsor of CFC Euro-sports STRAVA Mileage Challenge
CFC Member Discount

Fresh Air Experience is the Proud sponsor of our Bike Maintenance Clinics
CFC Member Discount


Our club is a proud member of the FQSC in Quebec and a supporter of our Clubs Chelsea/Wakefield CLM, which is supported by the ACVQ Super Prestige Race Series.

Thanks to Greg Pang of Red Frame Law, we were
able to TRADEMARK our club name.


Sports Nutrition and Performance Products
CFC Member Discount: ability to set up wholesale accounts.
ISAGENIX Performance
Putting the right food in your body for fuel on a daily basis is as important and sometimes MORE important than the training.


Massive thanks to LOGICA Sports continue to deliver stunning CycleFitCHICKS jersey kits every year!

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