10th Anniversary Celebration

It’s our 10th anniversary in 2018!

How did 10 years go by so fast?
To celebrate this truly amazing milestone, take part in the very special
cycling challenge
 and anniversary party that will take place during July.

“10 KM A DAY” Challenge

The Challenge:  Ride* 10 km every day from July 1-27
– All CFC members will receive an e-mail inviting them register for the challenge
– Members who choose not to participate in the challenge are still welcome to take part in the July 29 group ride & potluck picnic event
*Although cycling is the preferred activity, we realize that some of you will be on vacation so you may choose another activity to complete the 10 km as long as it is listed in STRAVA e.g. running, rowing, inline skating.

To participate in this special challenge
CFC members must register HERE

The Rewards:
– Members who successfully ride 10 km each day for the 27 days in July will have their names put into the Grand Prize Draw for 2 passes to Nordik Spa-Nature
– Everyone who logs kms in STRAVA during July will receive 1 ticket for every 10 km cycled which will be put into a separate draw for additional door prizes

The Rules:
– To qualify for the Grand Prize Draw, you CAN NOT skip a day  i.e. you may not make up a day by cycling 20 km the next day
– Your 10 km daily minimum can be completed in 2 outings e.g. a 5 km ride in the morning + a 5 km ride in the evening of the same day
All kms completed for this challenge MUST be logged into STRAVA by 9 pm on July 27 

Not a STRAVA member yet?
These info sheets will help you to create your account, send a request to join the CycleFit Chicks Club Page and add your riding level – Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced – to your profile.
– STRAVA: What Is It?
– STRAVA: How Do I Use It?
– STRAVA: How Do I Join the CFC Club Page

Celebration Ride

Sunday, July 29
8 am – 1 pm
Britannia Park

Club members will meet up for a group ride.
A potluck picnic will take place
after the group ride.

For more details, see the Event posting on the
CFC “Members Only” Facebook page

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