11th Anniversary Celebration and Challenge

It’s our 11th Season!

How did 11 years go by so fast?
To celebrate each year,  take part in the very special
cycling challenge
 and Summer Cycling party that will take
place during July.

THE 2019 JULY Challenge

Congratulations to all Members who took part in the Challenge!

The Rewards: Whether you are competing against yourself or competing against other members, the “July Summer Challenge” always proves to be a lot of fun. While striving to meet your personal goals you will earn tickets in a draw to win one of 3 $50.00 gift certificates.  Additionally there will be a draw for the top three climbers.

The Rules: All club members interested in participating in the challenge, sign up and register to the “km level” event that they want to challenge themselves to attain between June 28 and July 27. These are:

  • Ride 200 km or more
  • Ride 500 km or more
  • Ride 800 km or more

The kilometers completed towards the challenge will be tracked in Strava. Participants receive 1 ticket towards the draw for every 50 kilometers completed and logged in Strava. **Only Kilometers cycled outdoors will be counted for the challenge.**

Not a STRAVA member yet?
These info sheets will help you to create your account, send a request to join the CycleFit Chicks Club Page and add your riding level – Beginner, Novice, Intermediate or Advanced – to your profile.
– STRAVA: What Is It?
– STRAVA: How Do I Use It?
– STRAVA: How Do I Join the CFC Club Page


SUMMER Party Ride

Sunday, July 28
8 am – 1 pm
Britannia Park

Our 11th Annual Picnic was a huge success!

Image may contain: text

Participants took part in 1 of 4 different leveled rides. All groups met up to ride together in one large peloton along the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway to Brittania Beach.

A Pot Luck lunch was enjoyed by all and prizes were awarded to members who took part in the July Challenge!

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